Burgio is a small-scale high-end design brand based in Florence, with a focus on sustainable, functional, and unique design. Founded in 2022 by Isabella Burgio and Alireza Sadeh, the brand showcases a philosophy of color, texture, and form. Each piece is handmade in Italy, representing the merging of craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. The brand initially launched with a curated collection of stoneware tabletop items, including coffee cups and mugs, and has expanded to include fruit bowls, cereal bowls, soft furnishings, and furniture.

Doing Goods, founded in 2010, is a Dutch home accessories brand created by passionate travellers and treasure hunters, Jan Swinkels and Aanyoung Yeh. Their collection is a delightful assortment of animal rugs, brass goods, textiles, and other charming home accessories inspired by their global discoveries. Every item is meticulously handmade in their own workshops in India, where a team of skilled craftspeople work in a pleasant and safe environment. Doing Goods takes pride in their specialty animal rugs, hand-tufted with love and patience using traditional techniques and 100% wool. Their ultimate goal is to bring happiness and joy into homes, and they certainly deliver on that front!

Emma J Shipley is a world of curious creatures, inspired by myths, legends, and the beauty of nature.

Emma J Shipley offers a range of home furnishings, accessories, and luxury scarves adorned with intricately-drawn fantasy artworks. Each piece is ethically crafted using premium materials, with a commitment to minimizing environmental impact. Emma J Shipley’s creations ignite the imagination and are meant to be cherished for years to come.

Rory Dobner was born in England in 1978, he studied Fine Art foundation at Chelsea School of Art & Design before obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts, (Honors), at Central St.Martin’s School of Art & Design. In 1998 he was awarded the prestigious title of Burns Young Artist of the Year.

A well travelled, international artist he has worked and exhibited, (both group and solo), in the UK, USA, Australia, Haiti, Hong Kong, and New Zealand before returning to the UK in 2005 and setting up his studio in Hampstead, London. His exhibitions include Enormous Tiny Art Show, LA; Top Edge Gallery, Hong Kong; Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Wild Rains Gallery, Sydney; The Notting Hill Arts Club, London; Soho House, London; Greenwich Maritime Museum, London, Royal Academy, Bristol and The Opera Gallery, London.

”As a seasoned global traveler and developer of lifestyle hotels & luxury homes, I became more and more sensitive to the quality of linen, not only in my own homes but also when traveling, realizing the huge impact it had on my sleep, mood, and general well being. Six years ago I set out to find the best quality sheets in the world as I was tired of poor quality and the expensive sheets, I always had to replace. Years and tons of cotton later I had found an amazing quality. Long-lasting, superior comfort with a luxurious feel at value for money. The fact is you can never have a luxurious home for family & friends or a hotel with second-class bed linen & towels”