PICK A POPPY, founded in Stockholm by entrepreneur Malin Glemme, is a new brand that aims to create joy and beauty through the small details in life, specializing in hand-painted ceramics and tableware accessories crafted to elevate everyday dining experiences.

The brand name PICK A POPPY draws inspiration from the idea that small gestures can create immense joy and beauty. It’s for moments when your schedule only allows you to cook a simple pasta for your everyday family dinner, or you invite your friends to take-out ramen, but you pick a poppy and puts on the table, or use dinner plates with motives that looks like a small piece of art, or a colorful table cloth that adds warmth to a rainy day.

PICK A POPPY is set to make its debut in early summer 2024, emerging from a love for tablescaping, a noticed gap in the market, a buzzing interior trend, and a passion for building strong brands. The ceramics are handmade in Italy and Portugal, while the textiles are produced by a family-owned business in India, embodying the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.