Burgio is a small-scale high-end design brand based in Florence, with a focus on sustainable, functional, and unique design. Founded in 2022 by Isabella Burgio and Alireza Sadeh, the brand showcases a philosophy of color, texture, and form. Each piece is handmade in Italy, representing the merging of craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. The brand initially launched with a curated collection of stoneware tabletop items, including coffee cups and mugs, and has expanded to include fruit bowls, cereal bowls, soft furnishings, and furniture.

Italian design tradition with a modern twist, emphasizing aesthetics and functionality. Clean lines, simple geometry, and strong materiality define our U line. Coffee, an ancient Italian ritual, is at the core of our collection, offering both traditional espresso and international Americano options. cUUUp were designed for espresso drinkers, the mUUUUg for Americano or chai enthusiasts, and the tAAAble as a resting place for said coffee. The brand merges design and functionality, integrating playfulness into the creative process and final products. Prioritizing the entire process, from design to production, actively seeking the best partners for the business.

The duo’s aesthetic is influenced by their backgrounds in fashion and industrial design. Isabella studied fashion design in London and now runs her own consultancy studio in Florence, while Alireza moved from Iran to Italy to study industrial design and currently works as an experiential and spatial designer. Throughout their global travels, they have gained insights into design from various continents.

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