Doing Goods, founded in 2010, is a Dutch home accessories brand created by passionate travellers and treasure hunters, Jan Swinkels and Aanyoung Yeh. Their collection is a delightful assortment of animal rugs, brass goods, textiles, and other charming home accessories inspired by their global discoveries. Every item is meticulously handmade in their own workshops in India, where a team of skilled craftspeople work in a pleasant and safe environment. Doing Goods takes pride in their specialty animal rugs, hand-tufted with love and patience using traditional techniques and 100% wool. Their ultimate goal is to bring happiness and joy into homes, and they certainly deliver on that front!

A destination for imperfect and whimsical home accessories. Each product is 100% handmade with utmost care and craftsmanship in our workshops located in India.

We are on a mission to spread happiness and cheer, bringing a touch of joy to people’s lives both near and far. This simple mission remains the heart of everything we create.

We uphold our promise to provide our craftspeople with a pleasant, comfortable, and safe working environment. We believe in improving lives through honesty, authenticity, and fair practices. We are grateful to collaborate with our talented team in India, working together to bring our collections to life.

Our products embrace the essence of Wabi-sabi, celebrating imperfection and unique stories. Explore our treasure chest filled with delightful animal rugs, brass goods, captivating textiles, and more. We hope you’ll cherish our goodies as much as we do! The world’s most lovable home accessory brand.

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